Sun Mu

Sun Mu


Born in north korea

2009 MFA Hong-ik University,Seoul, south korea
2007 BFA Hong-ik University, Seoul, south korea

Solo Exhibitions
2013 What are you doing? Gallery dam, seoul, south korea
2012 ALL THAT IS BANNED IS DESIRED World Conference on Artistic Freedom of Expression, 25-26 October
2012, Oslo,Norway 2012 Who is me? Gallery idm, Busan, south korea
2012 Korea, Gallery art underground way,seoul, south korea
2011 Crossing the Line,The European Union Chamber of Commerce in south korea
2011 Mind the Gap,SBD Gallery,New York US
2010 Bring, Gallery jung,Seoul south korea
2010 Line ,Gallery idm, Busan, south korea
2009 Exhibition of the 9th north korea Human Rights international Conference,Grand Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne Australia
2008 Nothing to envy in this world,Gallery Ssamzie,Seoul,south korea
2008 We are living in the happy world,Alternative Space Chung Jeong Gak,Seoul south korea

Group Exhibitions
2012 SEA OF PEACE, Incheon Art Flatform, south korea
2012 “ha ha ho ho”lotte Gallery yeongduengpoStore,seoul,south korea
2011 “Tong” Haein Art Preject south korea
2011 Art of National Division Daejon Museum of art,Daejon, south korea
2010 korea tomorrow, Setec, Seoul, south korea
2009 Shared, Divided, United, Deutschland-korea;Migrations bewegungen im Kalten Krieg.Neue gesellschaft fur Bildende Kunst, Berlin,Germany
2009 Art in Busan
2009;Inter-City,Busan Museum of art, Busan, South korea
2008 Seogyo Sixty2008;The Battle of Taste,Gallery Sangsangmadang,Seoul,South Korea
2007 We are happy,Duo Exhibition by Noh Suntag and Sun Mu,Gallery Curiosity,Seoul, South Korea


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Baseball  oil on canvas  Variable size  2011
Missing  oil on canvas  130×162cm  2007
Beyond the line  oil on canvas  16×22cm  2007
My song  Paper  55×40cm  2012
My song 1  Paper  55×40cm  2012
Ideology  oil on canvas  200×400cm  2014
Ideology 5  oil on canvas  130×193cm  2013
Peace  oil on canvas  200×600cm  2014