Gallery 2



The Fine Art department of Berliner-Freiraum, Gallery2

Director Team
Mike and Elissa Picconatto, Selection of Work, Communication, Web Design and Web Graphics Pastor

Isabella Devinast – Selection of Work, Communication, Exhibition Preparation/Art Hanging Artist and Independent Curator
Gallery2 is a part of Berliner-Freiraum, which is sponsored through donations. Because of that we can afford to take only 30% of the sales of art displayed. With this amount we will cover the costs of the Vernissage, Finissage, a Catalog of the exhibited works, and Invitation Postcards, as well as reimburse our Independent Curator. Any surpluss will be saved to cover possible losses, for example through exhibitions of hard-to-sell works such as Video or similar works. Should there be no sale of art, a small donation would be expected. We are happy to be able to communicate that we can insure artworks up to a certain value.
Gallery 2 is a gallery that comes under the organization of Berliner-Freiraum which is located at Auguststraße2 in 10117 Berlin.
Berliner-Freiraum is a part of the C&MA and works with the Evangelische Kulturwerkstatt.