Sung-weon Kang


Sung-weon Kang

a curator and critic lives and works in Seoul, Korea.

studied History at Sogang University and Aesthetics at Seoul National University in Korea


Worked as

a member of strategy at Ilmin Museum of Art, Korea

a member of strategy at Artsonje Center, Korea

a project manager  at Institute of Asian Cultural Development, Korea

a founding member of Museum of Humanities, Korea



2012 Gustave Doré by Hangil Art, Korea

2004 Politics of Representation- For Korean Modern Art Theory by sizirak, Korea

2002 What is Aesthetic? by Sakyejul, Korea


Curated exhibitions(selected)

2011 The Road of Our Study- Learning New Life and New Ethics, Korean Museum of Humanity

2011 Correspondence_Chung Guyon, An Architect, Ilmin Museum of Art, Korea

2006 Cultural Memory – Chosun and Japan discovered by Yanagi Muneyoshi, Ilmin Museum of Art, Korea


She has also taught in numerous universities including Seoul National University, Korea National University of Arts