[SEWOL PASSION] 2017 Exhibition for Remembrance of the Sewol Ferry Incident



Exhibition in Berlin, for Remembrance of the 3rd anniversary of the Sewol Ferry Incident

  • Date: 15.04.2017 – 29.04.2017
  • Vernissage & Performance: 15.04.2017
  • Venue: PGberlin _ Uhlandstraße 170, 10719 Berlin

세월 PASSION _ 세월호 3주기 추모 전시 및 공연

  • 일시: 2017년 4월 15일 – 2017년 4월 29일
  • 오프닝 이벤트 및 공연: 2017년 4월 15일
  • 장소: 베를린 피지 갤러리 _ Uhlandstraße 170, 10719 Berlin

<Visual Arts>

강동환 Dongwhan Kang _ www.dongwhankang.com
고애리 Aelee Ko
권미영 Miyoung Kwun
김미란 Mi Ran Kim
남기림 Kirim Nam
마넷 Manet
박기춘 Kichun Park
박현수 Hyeon Su Park
이애희 Ae Hee Lee
이정현 Junghyun Lee
이지현 Jihyun Lee
정래순 Raesoon Jung
한영희 Younghee Han
Yagima Tsukasa

<Work image>

강동환 Dongwhan Kang _ www.dongwhankang.com


고애리 Aelee Ko | 1097, Mixed media, 2017, www.youa.pe.kr


권미영 Miyoung Kwun | www.miyoungkwun.de


김미란 Mi Ran Kim | www.mirankim.de


남기림 Kirim Nam


마넷 Manet



박기춘 Kichun Park | www.parkkichun.com


박현수 Hyeon Su Park


이애희 Ae Hee Lee | Apr.2014, Apr.2016 | www.aeheelee.com


이정현 Junghyun Lee | 말도 안되는 소리, 500 × 2250


이지현 Jihyun Lee | Time / 2017 / 74x58cm (HxB) / Öl auf Leinwand


정래순 Raesoon Jung | 별들이 차가웠던 그 밤 Die Nacht, in der die Sterne sehr kalt waren, 950 x 750mm, 면 천의 안료 Pigment auf Leinwand, 2017


한영희 Younghee Han | http://blog.daum.net/binsante 


Yagima Tsukasa | www.Yagima-Tsukasa.com



광대리브리아 Clown Ribria | 정은순 Eunsoon Jung, 박소영 Soyoung Park, 임금별 Keumbyul Lim, 김홍기 Hongki Keam

*Eine Performance in Gedenken an die 304 Opfer der SEWOL-Fährkatastrophe

  • Date: 15.04.2017. 15.00Uhr
  • Venue: Vor dem Brandenburger Tor


윤송일 Songil Yun | Koreanische Zither | 한갑득류 거문고 산조 Geomungo Sanjo von Gapdeug Han

  • 15.04.2017. 18.40 | 21.04.2017. 18.00 | 29.04.2017. 18.00
  • PGberlin _ Uhlandstraße 170, 10719 Berlin


DoodulSori | Koreanische Traditionelle Performancekunst | 김보성 Bo-Sung Kim, 박명현 Myung-Hyun Park, 신효진 Hyo-jin Shin, 나리 쉘프링 Na-Rhee Scherfling, 김하림 Halym Kim

  • 21.04.2017, 16:30_Samdo Nong´ak Garak
  • 29.04.2017, 18:20_Samdo Sul Changgo Garak
  • PGberlin _ Uhlandstraße 170, 10719 Berlin


<Performance Programm>

Ref. Sinking of MV Sewol 2014

The sinking of MV Sewol occurred on the morning of 16 April 2014, en route from Incheon to Jeju in South Korea. The ferry capsized while carrying 476 people, mostly secondary school students from Danwon High School (Ansan City). The 6,825-ton vessel sent a distress signal from about 2.7 kilometres (1.7 mi) north off Byeongpungdo at 08:58 Korea Standard Time (23:58 UTC, 15 April 2014). In all, 304 passengers and crew members died in the disaster. Of the approximately 172 survivors, more than half were rescued by fishing boats and other commercial vessels that arrived at the scene approximately 40 minutes after the South Korean coast guard.

The sinking of Sewol resulted in widespread social and political reaction within South Korea. Many criticized the actions of the captain and most of the crew of the ferry. More criticized the ferry operator and the regulators who oversaw its operations. Additional criticism was directed at the South Korean government and media for its disaster response and attempts to downplay government culpability. On 15 May 2014, the captain and three crew members were charged with murder, while the other 11 members of the crew were indicted for abandoning the ship. An arrest warrant was also issued for Yoo Byung-eun, the owner of Chonghaejin Marine, which operated Sewol, but he could not be found despite a nationwide manhunt. On 22 July 2014, police revealed that they had established that a dead man found in a field 415 kilometres south of Seoul was Yoo. Foul play was ruled out, but police say they have yet to establish the cause of Yoo’s death.

On the first anniversary of the disaster, as part of commemorations for the victims of the sinking of Sewol, 4,475 people held electronic candles to form the shape of the ferry in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the largest torchlight image.

MV Sewol capsizing, as taken by the South Korean coast guard on 16 April 2014

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[SEWOL PASSION] Performance for Remembrance of the Sewol Ferry Incident

15 April 2017, Berlin


[SEWOL PASSION] 2017 베를린 세월호 3주기 추모 전시 공연 세월 파시온 Sewol Passion Kunstverein 64

[SEWOL PASSION] 2017 베를린 세월호 3주기 추모행사 아티스트 인터뷰 Sewol Passion Voice of Artist